The Eskort Application Platform with Integrated Website CMS

The Eskort Content Platform is Animus Rex's powerful and incredibly flexible content platform. We've designed Eskort from the ground up so you can get your work done more easily and provide a better, richer, more relevant experience for your visitors.

We've honed every feature around three powerful ideas: speed, security, and ease of use.

  • Speed: as one client recently put it, Eskort is "Like driving a Lamborghini when you're used to a Hyundai." Blazing speed allows for a better editing experience and, more importantly, a better visitor experience.
  • Security: The Internet is a bad place. Nobody likes to think like that, but there are a lot of nefarious players. Eskort uses the latest security (always on SSL, DDoS mitigation, etc.) to keep both your content and your visitors safe.
  • Ease of use: the instantly intuitive UI allows for painless adoption, and our attention to detail and thoughtful, time-saving features streamline website management—saving time, money and frustration.

Eskort is great at powering websites, but that's just the beginning. Our powerful platform can be the centerpiece of your digital marketing hub: mobile sites, microsites, web apps, mobile apps, data services, social and publishing feeds, etc.

For a demo or to learn more, please give us a call at 212.374.1354 or email us at info@animusrex.com

Hosting & Security

Hosting / Security / Reliability

Eskort is a fully-hosted, secure, turnkey solution. Unlike blog platforms like WordPress, Eskort has never been hacked and has security safeguards in place to make it stay that way.

  • Eskort is on Google Cloud Platform, which is one of the most reliable and secure systems on the planet
  • 99.95% uptime guarantee
  • Automatic horizontal scaling for high reliability and unexpected traffic spikes
  • ISO 27001, ISO 27017, ISO 27018, SOC 2, SOC 3 compliant
  • GDPR Compliant
  • Two-factor authentication available
  • IP lockdown for administrative access available
  • Enforced password strength and periodic forced password updates
  • Code pre- and post-processing to restrict and prevent security breaches
    (e.g., cross-site scripting)
  • Form builder removes the code layer from developers and prevents introduction of new security holes such as cross-site scripting
  • Round trip verification option for forms and newsletter/eblast signup to virtually eliminate spam emails
  • Access restriction based on user credentials. For instance, an editor does not have access to site build tools or reports, whereas an admin does.
  • Biometric access control and fire suppression
  • Continuous replication and 5-minute differential backup on multiple virtual servers in different geographic locations creates a live DR to guard against catastrophic failure
  • Monthly snapshots of sites permanently archived (required for certain regulated industries such as law and finance)
  • Managed hosting includes active server monitoring and preventative intervention, all OS updates, security patches, software updates and license fees
  • Global content delivery network available for integrated streaming video and podcasts

For a demo or to learn more, please give us a call at 212.374.1354 or email us at info@animusrex.com

Content Management

Content Management: Evolved

Eskort™ is Animus Rex's full-featured application server platform, specifically designed to reduce the cost and time-to-market of web development and content delivery. The built-in CMS is powerful, flexible and easy for non-technical personnel to use.

More than a Website CMS

Eskort is great at powering websites, but that's just the beginning. Our powerful platform can be the centerpiece of your digital marketing hub: mobile sites, microsites, web apps, mobile apps, data services, social and publishing feeds, etc. As marketing evolves, Eskort enables you to distribute content to any device in virtually any format. We've created everything from matters databases to automated conflict checking systems to sophisticated content distribution platforms with Eskort.

Building upon 16 Years of Proven Performance

  • The latest version of Eskort (v4) builds upon the proven v1-v3 core features that still exist (e.g., schedule publication, versioning, etc.)
  • Major UI/UX improvements streamline workflow for editors and developers
  • New v4 UI metaphor is similar enough to the v3 UI that editor adoption is quick
  • v4 UI has many thoughtful time-saving details, (e.g., save button always at the top, multi-function left sidebar allows for easy navigation to content, dashboard, reports, and other tools)
  • Under the hood, the Eskort platform has been 100% rewritten and optimized for the next generation of websites and applications
  • New stack: Debian, Nginx, Mongo DB, PHP


  • Wicked fast (depending on function, 10x to 100x faster than v3, which itself was faster than most content engines)
  • Most pages see a 5x to 20x (or more) improvement in load time on Eskort
  • Visitor experience is enhanced because of speed and rendering optimization
  • Vastly improved and highly customizable site search
  • Navigation through back-end editor is close to instant
  • No site cache ensures that edits and document versions are seen the first time

Streamlined Content Management

  • Elegant and easy-to-use interface
  • Intuitive folder/file-based content management system
  • World-class integrated and customizable HTML editor
  • Ability to securely administer site from any computer with Internet access
  • Ongoing content maintenance (add/edit/move/delete pages) can be performed by non-technical personnel with minimal training
  • Fully versioned system allows for preview and approval of updates prior to publication as well as unlimited and non-linear undo

Advanced Coding and Integrations

  • Escript is now much closer to native PHP and uses similar structure so any competent PHP coder can easily learn Escript
  • New code blocks functionality allows for consistency and quicker deployment
  • Bootstrap.js integration for easy responsive mobile deployment
  • SASS CSS for powerful global control of style sheets
  • Unification of all site build tools into single area with logical sections (JS, CSS, etc.)
  • Structure attributes are easily modified and reordered (for easy growth/change to sites over time)
  • New template model is more flexible
  • Backend search now works on all site code as well
  • Code editor has full-color coding and nesting
  • Escript can be added to any document for ultimate flexibility

For a demo or to learn more, please give us a call at 212.374.1354 or email us at info@animusrex.com


Eskort Is the Ideal Solution to Building Sophisticated Websites

  • Secure, turn-key, fully-hosted and managed SaaS solution
  • Sophisticated functionality within a short timeframe
  • Enterprise-level features on a mid-sized budget
  • Ongoing content management by non-technical personnel
  • Need to change or update features or content regularly
  • Single point of content management for web, apps, and print
  • Integration with other systems (CRMs, CDNs, internal/external databases, etc.)

Eskort enables rapid and affordable development of custom, content-rich experiences tailored to your unique business needs. Unlike other platforms, Eskort makes it easy to update or completely change many aspects of your website in a timely and cost effective manner. Additionally, entire business processes can be built in Eskort, taking advantage of Eskort's application server platform and database integration, and presented alongside your content.

Eskort is feature-rich. Our team is constantly refining the software in response to our clients' needs as well as our internal roadmap. We never "work around" a problem - we analyze the situation, find the best way to implement a solution, and add core functionality to Eskort as required. If something doesn't work in the "real world," we fix it. This process continues every day through continuous refinement and enhancement.

Long-Term Investment

  • Flexible and extensible platform that allows the site to evolve with your Firm
  • Design templates can be easily updated giving site a new look and feel without changing the content or back-end database
  • Additional functionality/sections/modules may be added quickly, easily and inexpensively
  • Virtually unlimited ability to add sections and pages
  • Provides the Firm with as much technical autonomy as it wants or needs
  • Lower overall support costs as most content edits can be performed internally and many of the site functions (such as most SEO features) are fully automated

Competitive Advantage

  • World-class functionality presents firm as professional, capable, current and in the know, which is key to promoting new business in a competitive environment
  • Interrelated content provides relevance to the visitor allowing for richer experience
  • Provides existing clients with value added and easy-to-find information
  • Deployment of content to any devices on any platform
  • Eskort is a nimble system built for change that allows your site to stay current and relevant in today's rapidly changing marketplace

For a demo or to learn more, please give us a call at 212.374.1354 or email us at info@animusrex.com


Productivity Tools and Time-Saving Features

  • Auto-naming feature makes creating filenames quick and consistent (e.g., title and date can be used to create SEO-compliant filename automatically, bio first-last name used to create filename, etc.)
  • Multiple file attachments (add any number of PDFs or Office documents to an Eskort document)
  • Multiple picture attachments (easily create carousels and galleries)
  • Drag-and-drop sorting of multiple images, files and relational attributes (e.g., reordering related people in a news document is a simple drag-and-drop function)
  • Multi-dimensional arrays make manipulating complex fields (such as Education) much easier and precise
  • History differential makes it easier to see what changes were made from previous versions
  • Timed or on-demand publishing and revocation of content
  • Preview copy can be sent to anyone for review even if they don't have site authentication
  • Integration with third party CDN (content delivery networks) such as Akamai
  • From Trash you can "Put Back,” and the object just is placed back exactly where it was
  • Archive function (vs. delete/trash) that stores all relational data and restores that data if put back (especially useful if someone leaves and then comes back)
  • MyLinks - save "favorites" to quickly get to what you work on regularly
  • Dashboard view makes it easy to find recently edited docs, so even if you forgot about adding to MyLinks you don't have to go searching
  • Dashboard also includes access to redirects, scheduled publication/revocation & tag management
  • Form builder for event registrations, newsletter signups, surveys, etc.
  • All form data is captured and can be output as Excel or JSON
  • Automated implementation of 301 redirects when renaming (e.g., a bio gets updated because of marriage, renaming automatically created a redirect from the old bio to the updated bio so both deep links and Google page rank is maintained)
  • Easy management of redirects
  • Built-in tagging system
  • Ability to directly relate on document to another and sorted relationships via drag and drop
  • Back-end search is able to quickly find any document or fragment of code
  • PDF thumbnail generation automatically creates an image of a PDF's first page for use in visual display
  • Import/export to/from Excel and JSON
  • Native D3 charting from Excel data (make charts, graphs tables from Excel files)
  • Integration with Google Webmaster tools for link checking
  • Integration with Google Analytics for traffic analysis
  • Exceptional multi-language handling
  • Import/export capabilities (Excel, JSON, XML)
  • Native mobile handling for optimal viewing on any device
  • Interchangeable custom templates
  • Template modifications can easily affect global changes

Plus many many more....

For a demo or to learn more, please give us a call at 212.374.1354 or email us at info@animusrex.com

Marketing Tools

Marketing Tools

Our job is to make your job easier. As new marketing tools become more than just a fad or are requested by our clients, we incorporate them into Eskort. What we don't do is create "bloat-ware" where features are made for feature's sake. When developing new features, we always keep security in mind—not just yours, but your visitors', as well.

  • Automated background search engine optimization, including header title and description automation, keyword count, sitemap.xml push and other best practices published by Google
  • Automated Google Schema (JSON) for rich search cards in Google and other search engines
  • Automated content recommendations, which promotes visitor engagement and site stickiness
  • Easy cross-linking and referential tagging of content to create relevant horizontal pathways through the site
  • Integration with Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools
  • Integration with most 3rd party tracking/marketing code (e.g. Hubspot, Adobe Analytics)
  • Custom social sharing icons that don't violate stricter privacy trends
  • Automated integration with Open Graph Protocol (controlled sharing for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.)

Mobile, Devices, and Accessibility

Animus Rex has been at the forefront of mobile delivery, dating back to the flip phone era (really). We developed the first dedicated law firm mobile site ever and the first three legal responsive mobile sites. When Google made mobile friendly a major page rank signal, 90% of our clients' sites were already mobile friendly.

  • Eskort allows for various forms of mobile deployment including Responsive Design, dedicated mobile sites, content delivery to mobile apps and various mobile/responsive hybrid approaches
  • Supports deployment in multiple languages including non-Latin character sets and right-to-left reading languages
  • The ability for the user to select which language they prefer for site content or have the site automatically display the language preference of the user's browser
  • Supports syndication and export of content in a variety of standard formats

Optional Modules

We bundle most features into the core system, but those that take additional resources or extensive custom setup are optional. Those include:

  • Integrated Newsletter/eBlast to send newsletters to your users with direct integration with SendGrid
  • Automated generation of PDFs from web content (single page or pitch-builder style)
  • Automated generation of editable MS Word documents (single page or pitch builder style)
  • Gated content module (requiring and storing visitor's info before they are sent a PDF or other resource)

For a demo or to learn more, please give us a call at 212.374.1354 or email us at info@animusrex.com

Recent Updates

Recent Feature Updates

Cloud Translation


Google's automatic website translator plug-in is good, but you can't search it and you can't tweak the translated text. You get what you get.

But by going deeper and tapping into Google Cloud's machine learning platform, we are developing a next-generation tool that will allow for full page translation into any supported language at the click of a button. The translated text will be stored with the page for immediate publishing or native speaker review and editing. All text will be searchable within the site and properly indexed by Google Search for SEO purposes.

No more expensive translation services or dealing with a backlog of pages that really should be translated, but nobody has the time.

We expect to release v1 of this feature in February or March of 2019.

Publish and Send (Part of the Newsletter Module)

RELEASED: September 2018

Publish your latest blog post, news article, or event and send it out as a custom formatted eBlast at the same time—with just one click.

Eskort automatically pulls your latest content into a custom-designed email template and sends it out to your contacts. Choose any segment or combination of segments and that page will be sent out as an eblast, complete with links back to the document, tracking opens and clicks and page views. If you want to publish first and send later, that’s not a problem either. Choose to send at any time. This feature requires our optional newsletter/eblast module.

Practice-Oriented Search (Legal)

RELEASED: September 2018

Are there specific (or even obscure) key phrases that should be associated with a practice or practices? This feature allows you to have exact control over what practices and associated attorneys are returned when a visitor performs a site search using specific terms. And it allows you to refine these phrases over time as needs or behaviors change. This powerful feature puts you in the driver's seat.

Geographic Search

UPDATED: July 2018

We can tailor your website's search to take into account the geographic location of the user performing the search. This allows us to prioritize geographically relevant offerings, offices or people higher up on search results, making search a more meaningful experience for your visitor. While we used to be able to do this using third party IP mapping, it is not native to the information we get natively from GCP, which allows this to be much faster and more accurate than previous editions.

Adobe-Sign Integration

RELEASED: July 2018

Add agreements to your website that potential clients or class members can sign electronically. Our new integration with Adobe Sign makes it simple and easy.

Whether it’s an executable agreement or a class-action lawsuit form you need your latest client to sign, Eskort’s integration with Adobe Sign automates the process by letting your clients fill out, sign and send these to you—directly from your website.

Bio Background Picker

RELEASED: May 2018

Don't get stuck with a single look. We've created the ability to quickly and easily change bio backgrounds for nearly unlimited flexibility. It's a simple way to freshen up bios or match new website styles—even through future redesigns.

With our Bio Background Picker, foreground photos are shot against white and composited with professional backgrounds within Eskort. Backgrounds can be custom or stock photography.

You can preview how any person would look against any of the backgrounds loaded into the library and easily select the best one.

New backgrounds can be added at any time and individuals backgrounds can change at will. This means that as your site changes (even through a redesign), bio photos stay fresh, match the person's personality and give your site a longer shelf life.

Also, since the backgrounds are separated from the photo, they can be more easily manipulated for optimal mobile delivery.

Eskort Pitch Builder

UPDATED: Spring 2018

Use your website as the source to build pitches. This time-saving feature allows you to select multiple web pages to create either editable MS Word documents or a finished PDF ready to email.

Almost any page or section can be used as the source including biographies, practice, department or program content, firm or organizational overview—even a custom cover page. Use is simple: add one or more pages, drag and drop to reorder, and click either Download Word Document or Download PDF. The latest site content is then used to create the pitch—it’s as simple as that.

Automatic Horizontal Scaling

RELEASED: Spring 2018

If you host with us, you don't have to worry about an announcement or something on the news slowing down your website because of a surge in website traffic. Our system automatically scales to handle unexpected traffic spikes. As traffic goes up quickly, additional virtual web servers come online and traffic is intelligently routed to the server with the least amount of traffic. When the traffic dies down, the extra virtual servers are released to keep costs contained. This is 100% automated and done in real-time.


For a demo or to learn more, please give us a call at 212.374.1354 or email us at info@animusrex.com