Content Management: Evolved

Eskort™ is Animus Rex's full-featured application server platform, specifically designed to reduce the cost and time-to-market of web development and content delivery. The built-in CMS is powerful, flexible and easy for non-technical personnel to use.

More than a Website CMS

Eskort is great at powering websites, but that's just the beginning. Our powerful platform can be the centerpiece of your digital marketing hub: mobile sites, microsites, web apps, mobile apps, data services, social and publishing feeds, etc. As marketing evolves, Eskort enables you to distribute content to any device in virtually any format. We've created everything from matters databases to automated conflict checking systems to sophisticated content distribution platforms with Eskort.

Building upon 16 Years of Proven Performance

  • The latest version of Eskort (v4) builds upon the proven v1-v3 core features that still exist (e.g., schedule publication, versioning, etc.)
  • Major UI/UX improvements streamline workflow for editors and developers
  • New v4 UI metaphor is similar enough to the v3 UI that editor adoption is quick
  • v4 UI has many thoughtful time-saving details, (e.g., save button always at the top, multi-function left sidebar allows for easy navigation to content, dashboard, reports, and other tools)
  • Under the hood, the Eskort platform has been 100% rewritten and optimized for the next generation of websites and applications
  • New stack: Debian, Nginx, Mongo DB, PHP


  • Wicked fast (depending on function, 10x to 100x faster than v3, which itself was faster than most content engines)
  • Most pages see a 5x to 20x (or more) improvement in load time on Eskort
  • Visitor experience is enhanced because of speed and rendering optimization
  • Vastly improved and highly customizable site search
  • Navigation through back-end editor is close to instant
  • No site cache ensures that edits and document versions are seen the first time

Streamlined Content Management

  • Elegant and easy-to-use interface
  • Intuitive folder/file-based content management system
  • World-class integrated and customizable HTML editor
  • Ability to securely administer site from any computer with Internet access
  • Ongoing content maintenance (add/edit/move/delete pages) can be performed by non-technical personnel with minimal training
  • Fully versioned system allows for preview and approval of updates prior to publication as well as unlimited and non-linear undo

Advanced Coding and Integrations

  • Escript is now much closer to native PHP and uses similar structure so any competent PHP coder can easily learn Escript
  • New code blocks functionality allows for consistency and quicker deployment
  • Bootstrap.js integration for easy responsive mobile deployment
  • SASS CSS for powerful global control of style sheets
  • Unification of all site build tools into single area with logical sections (JS, CSS, etc.)
  • Structure attributes are easily modified and reordered (for easy growth/change to sites over time)
  • New template model is more flexible
  • Backend search now works on all site code as well
  • Code editor has full-color coding and nesting
  • Escript can be added to any document for ultimate flexibility