Marketing Tools

Our job is to make your job easier. As new marketing tools become more than just a fad or are requested by our clients, we incorporate them into Eskort. What we don't do is create "bloat-ware" where features are made for feature's sake. When developing new features, we always keep security in mind—not just yours, but your visitors', as well.

  • Automated background search engine optimization, including header title and description automation, keyword count, sitemap.xml push and other best practices published by Google
  • Automated Google Schema (JSON) for rich search cards in Google and other search engines
  • Automated content recommendations, which promotes visitor engagement and site stickiness
  • Easy cross-linking and referential tagging of content to create relevant horizontal pathways through the site
  • Integration with Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools
  • Integration with most 3rd party tracking/marketing code (e.g. Hubspot, Adobe Analytics)
  • Custom social sharing icons that don't violate stricter privacy trends
  • Automated integration with Open Graph Protocol (controlled sharing for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.)

Mobile, Devices, and Accessibility

Animus Rex has been at the forefront of mobile delivery, dating back to the flip phone era (really). We developed the first dedicated law firm mobile site ever and the first three legal responsive mobile sites. When Google made mobile friendly a major page rank signal, 90% of our clients' sites were already mobile friendly.

  • Eskort allows for various forms of mobile deployment including Responsive Design, dedicated mobile sites, content delivery to mobile apps and various mobile/responsive hybrid approaches
  • Supports deployment in multiple languages including non-Latin character sets and right-to-left reading languages
  • The ability for the user to select which language they prefer for site content or have the site automatically display the language preference of the user's browser
  • Supports syndication and export of content in a variety of standard formats

Optional Modules

We bundle most features into the core system, but those that take additional resources or extensive custom setup are optional. Those include:

  • Integrated Newsletter/eBlast to send newsletters to your users with direct integration with SendGrid
  • Automated generation of PDFs from web content (single page or pitch-builder style)
  • Automated generation of editable MS Word documents (single page or pitch builder style)
  • Gated content module (requiring and storing visitor's info before they are sent a PDF or other resource)