Eskort Is the Ideal Solution to Building Sophisticated Websites

  • Secure, turn-key, fully-hosted and managed SaaS solution
  • Sophisticated functionality within a short timeframe
  • Enterprise-level features on a mid-sized budget
  • Ongoing content management by non-technical personnel
  • Need to change or update features or content regularly
  • Single point of content management for web, apps, and print
  • Integration with other systems (CRMs, CDNs, internal/external databases, etc.)

Eskort enables rapid and affordable development of custom, content-rich experiences tailored to your unique business needs. Unlike other platforms, Eskort makes it easy to update or completely change many aspects of your website in a timely and cost effective manner. Additionally, entire business processes can be built in Eskort, taking advantage of Eskort's application server platform and database integration, and presented alongside your content.

Eskort is feature-rich. Our team is constantly refining the software in response to our clients' needs as well as our internal roadmap. We never "work around" a problem - we analyze the situation, find the best way to implement a solution, and add core functionality to Eskort as required. If something doesn't work in the "real world," we fix it. This process continues every day through continuous refinement and enhancement.

Long-Term Investment

  • Flexible and extensible platform that allows the site to evolve with your Firm
  • Design templates can be easily updated giving site a new look and feel without changing the content or back-end database
  • Additional functionality/sections/modules may be added quickly, easily and inexpensively
  • Virtually unlimited ability to add sections and pages
  • Provides the Firm with as much technical autonomy as it wants or needs
  • Lower overall support costs as most content edits can be performed internally and many of the site functions (such as most SEO features) are fully automated

Competitive Advantage

  • World-class functionality presents firm as professional, capable, current and in the know, which is key to promoting new business in a competitive environment
  • Interrelated content provides relevance to the visitor allowing for richer experience
  • Provides existing clients with value added and easy-to-find information
  • Deployment of content to any devices on any platform
  • Eskort is a nimble system built for change that allows your site to stay current and relevant in today's rapidly changing marketplace