Web Development

We believe websites should be flexible, easy to manage and create value for our clients and their customers.

Every site we create is informed by years of experience across a broad range of industries. We help you to understand the process and guide you through tough decisions. Our business is built on quality and referrals so we treat every project as if it were our own.

Online Strategy

Wouldn't it be nice to understand the big picture BEFORE you started a project?

We sift through the noise to get to what's real: connecting with your target audience. Our role is that of a trusted advocate, helping to clarify goals, messaging and intent and then executing flawlessly. Strategy is fundamental to every part of our process.

Information Architecture

We organize content so it's actually useful to your audience.

Most companies lack the skill and perspective to organize content so it makes sense to the outside world. We are masters at seeing patterns in information, structuring complex data sets and delivering content to your audience in a way that makes sense to them.

Design / UX / UI

You never get a second chance to make a first impression.

It takes a visitor less than 10 seconds to decide if they're staying on your site. If it's appealing and makes sense, they'll stay. If not, they're gone. Beautiful design and thoughtfully considered user experience is critical for your website to succeed.

Responsive Design

Responsive design allows your site to logically scale to the screen size of the device it’s being viewed on.

There used to be a standard screen size… not anymore. Applying cutting edge development principles, we create a seamless optimized experience from desktop to tablet to hand held using the same content. Of note: Animus Rex pioneered responsive design for law firms, implementing the first three ever!


More people access the Internet from mobile devices than from desktop computers.

While responsive design is great, a full mobile site or mobile/responsive hybrid delivers the best possible experience by providing high priority content within the context of on-the-go, one-handed, limited-bandwidth—using a touch device. Your customers are not going mobile, they went mobile years ago.

Do you have a mobile strategy?

Content Management

We empower you to manage your content. Simply. Easily. Effectively.

EsKort, our flagship product, is a powerful platform built using open source protocol with the goal of making highly customized sites cost effective to create and maintain. But it goes way beyond traditional content management… Contact us for a free demonstration.

Hosting & Support

Where the rubber meets the road.

We sport 99.9%+ uptime, burstable bandwidth, biometric security, automated backups with permanently archived monthly snapshots, fully redundant systems, geographic failover, 24/7 service monitoring and fanatical support by real people who actually answer the phone. In other words, we've got you covered!