Asking Why

Most companies ask What, How (and sometimes Who), but asking Why is a much harder question.

Why SEO is a Bottomless Money Pit (and what to do about it)

You can spend thousands of dollars on SEO firms to increase page rank, but a simple change in Google's search algorithm can wipe out your spend overnight. There is a better way than lighting your money on fire.

Is Social Media Marketing Worth It?

Can you draw a straight line from marketing on social media to your bank account?
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Social Media Marketing: Hype vs. Reality

Does social media marketing actually work? Short answer: it depends.
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Social Media: WTF?

People conflate social media with everything from messaging to blogging. Here's some clarity.
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Wordpress Continues to be the Most Hacked Website Platform on the Planet

Ouch! Luckily, we don't build sites using Wordpress and our platform has never been hacked (knock wood).

Real-Life Security Nightmare - Avoided

D-DoS attacks are on the rise. Here's a story of a near miss that without some quick thinking, could have turned out very badly.

Why Talk Like a Pirate Day?

We here at Animus Rex like to celebrate strange holidays like Talk Like a Pirate day, but there is a method to the madness.

The Impact that Always on SSL will have on Google Page Rank

Google is already using SSL as a minor page ranking signal, but we expect they will start dramatically penalizing sites without SSL within the next 6-12 months. Are you ready?

Website Stats That Will Make Your Jaw Drop

We all know cute cat pictures make the Internet go round, but when it comes to building a case for redesigning your website, these stats will help you drive the point home.

Personalization vs. Content Discovery. Why Content Discovery is Better, Faster and Cheaper

Website personalization is very powerful but can be resource intensive and in extreme cases, a little creepy. Automated content discovery may be a better and cheaper alternative.