The Eskort Application Platform with Integrated Website CMS

The Eskort Content Platform is Animus Rex's powerful and incredibly flexible content platform. We've designed Eskort from the ground up so you can get your work done more easily and provide a better, richer, more relevant experience for your visitors.

We've honed every feature around three powerful ideas: speed, security, and ease of use.

  • Speed: as one client recently put it, Eskort is "Like driving a Lamborghini when you're used to a Hyundai." Blazing speed allows for a better editing experience and, more importantly, a better visitor experience.
  • Security: The Internet is a bad place. Nobody likes to think like that, but there are a lot of nefarious players. Eskort uses the latest security (always on SSL, DDoS mitigation, etc.) to keep both your content and your visitors safe.
  • Ease of use: the instantly intuitive UI allows for painless adoption, and our attention to detail and thoughtful, time-saving features streamline website management—saving time, money and frustration.

Eskort is great at powering websites, but that's just the beginning. Our powerful platform can be the centerpiece of your digital marketing hub: mobile sites, microsites, web apps, mobile apps, data services, social and publishing feeds, etc.