80%+ Of Your SEO Can Be Automated

August 14, 2017

Optimizing your site for higher search engine ranking is a given, but did you know you can automate many areas of your site for SEO?

SEO Automation Tools

Of all the things that are known and published by Google, 80%+ can be automated. That's where your website platform and expertise of your web development team comes in. For instance, at Animus Rex, we automate everything that can be automated:

  • Page structures created in a way that Google can easily traverse the site and index the content. Google analyzes and classifies your page content by looking at the standardized format of your content: your page title, description, navigation menu, image alt-tags, content, links, etc. Automation will standardize and keep your content consistent - and that makes your pages more readable to Google and other search engines.
  • Internal links are clear and meaningful. For example, your law firm website has several web pages devoted to the bios of your attorneys, but do each of these pages link clearly to and from the different attorneys’ practice areas? Automation helps organize your linked content that makes sense to a search engine - and your visitors.
  • URLs are human readable and based on page titles and other searchable keywords. Ever look at the URL of a web page and see a string of letters, numbers, and symbols? This doesn’t tell you - or a search engine - what the content of that page is. Instead, automation can generate the URL from the title and other keywords from your page.
  • The title tag is automated. The title tag on the tab of your web page, like the human-readable URLs, should be generated from the one time you enter your page title into your website platform.
  • Content keywords are counted/ranked and automatically added to meta tags. In addition to the ease of knowing the count and rank of your keywords, automatically generating meta tags from these will keep your tags consistent with your content - something Google and other search engines take into account when ranking your pages.
  • The Description meta tag is automated. Automating the description meta tag can also maintain consistency between your content and the description that comes up about your web page in a search result.
  • The Sitemap.xml file that automatically pushes to Google is updated and reranked every time content is added or updated. You keep your pages current with the latest information, deals, news, etc. Automation of the Sitemap.xml file helps Google notice - without extra effort on your part.


And for those who want to tweak, all key automated variables can be easily overridden at the page level.

Your Website Platform and Your Web Development Team’s Expertise

There are many more things that we at Animus Rex automate as well - but that's OUR special sauce. The point of this is not to toot our own horn, but to make you aware that there’s a lot that goes on “under the hood” and whatever website platform you use should be automating these processes for you. Likewise, whomever your web development team is should be fully versed in making smart decisions and introducing solutions to automate whenever possible.

The great thing about automation is that SEO becomes a non-issue, or at minimum, less of an issue. And this leaves you time for things like writing good content, getting authoritative sites to link to your page, building social links, or just tending to the daily business of making your business thrive!

Here's to your successful website!

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