iHeartMedia | Dr. Dave's Ultimate Prep

Visit: www.drdavesultimateprep.com

We created a robust content platform for iHeartMedia's Dr. Dave's Ultimate Prep, a service that produces content for hundreds of radio stations across the United States on a daily basis. While we can't get into specifics (it's a private service), suffice it to say it's been a smashing success!

Our Eskort web platform allows a distributed team of content creators to produce daily programming that radio producers then use to create their station's shows.

Dr. Dave's team creates hundreds of pieces of content every day: from headlines to synopses to talking points and questions that engage their audience to audio clips and more. We integrate with related twitter feeds, their internal sales database, content distribution networks, etc. The team works overnight on tight deadlines, so uptime and reliability are mission critical.

Every day we help enable thousands of radio professionals to do their job and millions of radio listeners to tune into the latest in news and entertainment. With satisfied radio stations and ROI within months of launch, the Doctor and his team were thrilled. So were we!

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