Race & Ethnicity in Advertising - America: 1890-Today

Visit: www.raceandethnicity.org

The Advertising Educational Foundation spearheaded this educational site with curation by Fath Ruffins from the National Museum of American History, one of the foremost experts in advertising and race. The site houses a huge database of rare advertising images and provides an important look into the ways race and ethnicity have shaped advertising and vice-versa.

Animus Rex started conceptual development and early prototyping in 2006 in an effort to help secure funding and support. After a decade of perseverance, we finally launched in January 2017! We are very proud to be part of furthering the discussion about race and ethnicity in our society.

  • Concept development and prototyping
  • Design, programming, and production
  • Liaison between agencies, academia, and curators
  • Custom tools for tagging records along multiple categories (race/ethnic groups, cultural time periods, social constructs, religions, gender and sexual orientation, geography, etc.)
  • Extensive search capabilities, relational searches, custom searches and the ability to grow and expand
  • Outstanding educational research tool
  • Hosting and ongoing support

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