Bishop Kearney High School


Bishop Kearny High School teaches young women to be the leaders of the future. We are very proud to support another initiative that helps to close the gender gap and empowers women.

We helped BKHS with:

  • Positioning strategy
  • Updating their logo and color scheme
  • Beautiful new webiste design
  • Mobile friendly responsive design
  • Calendar integration with their Google Apps account
  • Various forms made with our advanced form builder
  • Creative recommendations for editorial and photography

The new site helps to attract new students, informs the community of the positive impact that the school is having and provides a centralized place for students and parents to get current information.

Other Non-profit Projects

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Glenn Markman Foundation
Race & Ethnicity in Advertising - America: 1890-Today
International Institute for Conflict Prevention & Resolution, Inc. (CPR)
Museum of American Finance
NYC Leadership Academy
Altman Foundation
The Partnership for Inner-City Education
Advantage Testing Foundation Math Prize for Girls
The Louis Calder Foundation
Advertising Educational Foundation
Training and Recruitment Initiative for Admission to Leading Law Schools (Trials)